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Cara Live! has hosted a public affairs television program and produced a podcast over the past two decades - tackling topics like immigration, gentrification and technology, as well as, interviews with athletes, political and historical figures.

Today, the world is more connected than ever.  It has never been more essential to identify, unpack and analyze global topics.  So, how do we create a global story?  Cara's new vodcast (video+podcast) project, Unpacked, will highlight stories of resilience, connection, grit and decisions shaping our future.  The vodcast's mantra is to Think Globally and Act Locally!

In addition to hosting this vodcast, Cara is a Political Consultant; Corporate Risk Manager; and Author.  She has advised presidential and congressional candidates; as well as worked with corporate and government entities administering their liability programs.

During her downtime, Cara loves to travel and immerse in culture.